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I used to roast coffee for my friends coffee shop. Sometimes, before the new store was finished being built, I would roast late into the night.

I would listen to music channels on YouTube. Roasting, drinking coffee & dancing in an empty warehouse. I especially enjoyed listening to Majestic Casual.

Flash forward a couple of years and now Sir Bishop, Nathan, Majestic Casual & I are teaming up to share good vibes & sounds with millions of people.

I’m proud to say that sharing Round & Round with the Majestic Casual family is my biggest honor yet.

I think it’s all about the love of sound, following your passion, and sharing good things with as many people as possible.

I do this because I have lost many of my closest loved ones, they were young and I realized something:

We don’t have forever to make the dreams in our hearts a reality.

– Common Tiger