Music Production & Mix Notes.

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I used to roast coffee for my friends coffee shop. Sometimes, before the new store was finished being built, I would roast late into the night.

I would listen to music channels on YouTube. Roasting, drinking coffee & dancing in an empty warehouse. I especially enjoyed listening to Majestic Casual.

Flash forward a couple of years and now Sir Bishop, Nathan, Majestic Casual & I are teaming up to share good vibes & sounds with millions of people.

I’m proud to say that sharing Round & Round with the Majestic Casual family is my biggest honor yet.

I think it’s all about the love of sound, following your passion, and sharing good things with as many people as possible.

I do this because I have lost many of my closest loved ones, they were young and I realized something:

We don’t have forever to make the dreams in our hearts a reality.

– Common Tiger

Here is my new song featuring Sir Bishop & Nathan:


I created the instrumental and base for Round & Round on Fathers Day 2016, which is significant to me because my father passed away in April of 2009.  In some way, I felt he was guiding me while I laid the groundwork for this track.

Round & Round employed the use of REV by Output, sampled drums, and a few record samples I pulled from a garage sale vinyl.

I then sent a private link over to Nathan and he returned it back that night with a rough version of his ideas for the hook on the choruses.

As soon as I got the instrumental from Mr Tiger, I immediately started feeling the vibes and started expressing the inner melody the song triggered.
From that point on my creative process always runs in a familiar order.
In this case i just jammed on it and thats what happened – You could always find some peace in what you do, thats what i did. I found some peace and took the right time to calmfully finish what Matthew started.
Soundscape, melody and that chilling beat brought me to that very sensitive hookline. the second and third voice was just an addition to fulfill and complete.
Im looking forward to doing a lot more stuff with Common Tiger and/or Sir Bishop and I’m very excited for his upcoming EP – A Heroes Journey. – Nathan

I mentioned to Nathan that it would be cool to see what Bishop could come up with for the verses and off it went to Sir Bishop.

My writing process was a bit interesting. Once I received the track, I locked myself in my room and listened to it on repeat for a few days. This allowed me the get a feel for the vibe of the song. This is usually the longest part of the process because often times, what I may think is the mood could be completely opposite of what the producer has in mind. Once I had a feel for the mood and tone of the song, I began playing around with freestyling to the instrumental so that I could just get my initial thoughts out. If I said something that I felt like I could use for the song , then I wrote it down and saved it. Otherwise, I just kept free styling until my head was clear of all excess material not pertaining to the topic I want to speak on in the song. After my head was free of the clutter, the rest of the writing flowed naturally. Initially, I had written two 32-bar verses, but I realized that I had to condense them to fit the song structure. – Sir Bishop

Lost Souls A song by Sir Bishop:

The Mix:

Something else special happened in the mix portion of this song.

After a search on Google for “Music Producers Southern Oregon” I learned that one of the greatest mix engineers and producers resides here in Southern Oregon (Ashland).

 Sylvia Massy:


Massy’s career, as far as engineering careers go, has been one of the greatest.

She has worked with artists like Tool, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Prince, Tom Petty & Johnny Cash.

I had reached out to her about a year before Round & Round was created and before mixing Round & Round I was honored to be invited to join her during a recording and “Sounds” (Rough Mix) session with ThunderPussy.



The energy and urgency she displayed while setting up the mix for ThunderPussy on her NEVE 8038 console changed the way I will mix forever.

It was something about her approach and a palpable mastery that permeated how she would adjust the settings of the E.Q and levels of the incoming signals.

The following morning I mixed Round & Round.

After being able to see a pro up close and in person mix, I approached Round & Round in the same way.

Tools Used:


Bass guitar, REV by Output, record samples, kick and snare samples, and field recordings.

Mixing Tools:

Waves: CLA-76 Compressor, Greg Wells MixCentric, J37 Tape, Scheps 73, Vocal Rider, Bass Rider.

Daw:  Low cut with stock E.Q.

Links To Round & Round: